Single, Sexy & Satisfied;

The Art of Living a FITSEXYLIFE No Matter What Your Status!…

It is an inspirational, provocative, soul baring, shocking, informative memoir that gives you no-nonsense advice and a kick in the rear when you need it. Janvieve-Naemani made her TV debut on GOOD DAY NEW YORK with her infamous BUTT-KICKS & FRUIT IN THE KITCHEN WORKOUT and showed millions of viewers that you don’t need a gym to get a quick, but effective workout while multi-tasking. Janvieve’s honesty, boldness, generosity, humor and wit are evident on every page. It feels like you’re having coffee and convo with a good friend. She opens up about extremely personal times, hitting rock bottom moments; while also recounting tales of her colorful and eventful life – some funny, some sexy, some heartbreaking – while also giving expert, no excuses, down to earth advice on how to get your life together; mentally and physically. This multi-talented single “Parent-Preneur” of two teens also shares her experiences of being a sought after Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Coach and Motivational Speaker for the past 13 years and how her passion for helping others has also helped her to heal as well. Her parenting advice is sage. This page turner will motivate you to jump off the couch and exercise, eat right, clean your house, hug your kids, fall in love with yourself, start a business and even get the relationships you seek socially, personally and professionally, all while having fun creating your OWN REALITY and going after your dreams with courage, determination and faith in the future.

Janvieve’s mission is to inspire, educate and support individuals from FITNESS to the BOARDROOM, while sharing her personal tragedies and triumphs, to how her children saved her life, twice. Whether you are MARRIED, SINGLE, DIVORCED OR DATING, her goal is to lead you to an even healthier, happier, irresistibly sexier lifestyle all around the board! EVERYONE deserves SATISFACTION no matter what their status! If you flip burgers OR are the CEO of your own company, married with children, OR single with none; YOU… friend, DESERVE A FITSEXYLIFE!


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