Janvieve-Naemani speaks to various audiences from hundreds to thousands worldwide from ALL walks of life.  Her main goal is to inspire as many as possible, even in her daily motivational quotes and videos on social media.

Janvieve-Naemani  pulls from past experiences that held her down at one time, but used every tragedy as a stepping stone coupled with a burning desire to succeed in even in the face of adversity to catapult her to where she stands today.


When time permits, Janvieve-Naemani  uses her high energy, contagious spirit to get others out of the rut they may be in or maybe just needing a push in the right direction in LOVE, FITNESS & BEYOND!

She travels abroad speaking to those that need some major empowerment in their lives and uses her past experiences of being a divorced, single mom making it on her own on days she hit rock bottom and didn’t know where to turn
She decided to  uses her tragedies as well as triumphs to UPLIFT and inspire all ages and show them that, there is ALWAYS a way out when you don’t give up on YOURSELF and work towards your GOALS every single day.

Janvieve-Naemani  is available to speak on:

  • Staying Fit Mentally & Physically
  • Health & Wellness
  • How To Become a Self-Published Author in 47 Days
  • The Successful Parent-Preneur
  • How To Become a Marketing Beast