Janvieve Naemani Fogle is a highly sought after Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, Author,Motivational Speaker, Model and Voice Over Artist. Her goal is to inspire others that being single is just a status, not an epidemic.

Although, I am not an advocate of rolling solo for life, I want others to be happy RIGHT NOW & LIVE a FITSEXYLIFE no matter what! If my status does happen to change, I can still count on my self-love, self-worth and selflessness to make myself happy. Whoever my top pick is…… will just be the icing on an already well baked cake! Says, the charming Queens, NY native.

As a single mom of two teens and on the verge of becoming homeless not too long ago, Janvieve-Naemani left her marriage with $12 to her name and was more than ready to end her life. Reflecting back, she states,“But I know that would have been extremely selfish of me to leave my children motherless, so I decided to stay a while and see what mark I can leave on the world while using my talents and gifts to save us.” She pauses, smiles and says, “Well that and the fact that I had an eviction notice on my heels and 30 days to write this book, I had no choice but to welcome 18 hour days and many nights of falling asleep with the laptop open, with cups of coffee and notes everywhere.” Janvieve lives by the mantra,“Do what you love and the money will come.”

She understands the delicate balance betweensss-bookcover entrepreneurship and single parenting and motivates her clients and all that crosses their path to go after their dreams and leave the naysayers behind!

Still smiling and humbled by how far she has come, she states, “My life hasn’t been perfect, but I survived and I’m still standing and I can’t wait to share it all with you!”

Despite the title, it is……….. *NOT just for SINGLES. *I decided to take a leap of faith and finally finish this book to change lives and save mine. After hitting rock bottom with nowhere to turn, I finally decided to leave the pity party behind and just pick myself up by the bootstraps. I am glad I went through all that I did, because I am LIVING MY DREAMS!

I wrote this book to inspire anyone who ever had a dream or has ever thought about giving up, due to the circumstances around you, I am living proof, that no matter what your status is, your mentality can turn your dreams into your reality!

At times we may wonder, “Why is God letting this happen to me, what did I do?” she states. It is in those moments that we need to dig deep from our inner strength, faith and learn from the positive and negative people and circumstances that we are faced with that we are able to remain resilient and tenacious in the face of adversity. Life is full of powerful lessons, we just have to be open to learning, growing and thriving.” We wrap up the interview with Janvieve taking her last sip of green tea, flashing that smile, humbly proud of her triumphs, shaking my hand and ending our interview by saying……“Thank you for being a part of my journey, I appreciate you!”


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