Janvieve-Naemani has created a name as well as brand for herself through her relentless drive and passion for fitness while motivating others to live a healthier, happier, even sexier lifestyle all across the board while improving the daily lives of everyone she touches.Janvieve-Naemani has been featured in many multi-media outlets such as GOOD DAY NY/FOX 5, NY1, 107.5WBLS and many Community Health & Fitness Programs.

Janvieve-Naemani has a contagious, high energy spirit that continuously keeps her in high demand as she uses her uniqueness and extraordinary motivational skills  to uplift all that cross her path while maintaining her compassion and empathy for the human spirit. She welcomes anyone who wants to live a HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, more FULFILLING lifestyle no matter what your age, status or occupation.

Janvieve-Naemani understands the delicate balance of all her role, such as being Single Mother of two teens, an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Lifestyle Coach.

Her mission is to inspire, educate and support individuals from the FITNESS to the BOARDROOM while showing others that whether you are MARRIED, SINGLE, DIVORCED OR DATING, her goal is to lead you to a balanced irresistibly fun and purposeful lifestyle in every area of your lives.

The non-stop Janvieve-Naemani continues to work with an extremely humbling spirit which allows her to make the best of her life’s work while being able to touch ALL AGES. Her EXTREME LOVE FOR DANCE is what makes her workouts so fun and attainable, ANYONE can do them, ANYTIME…ANYPLACE, no gym needed!

She is able to free our minds, lift our spirits and move our bodies while fueling others by maintaining a positive attitude and zest for life even when your back may be up against the wall and you don’t know where to turn, she reminds us,┬áthat, FITNESS will ALWAYS be there for us.


This multi-talented, yet humbled amazing woman we are getting to know has been through some “circumstances” that may have made most of us throw our hands up, but “when you have such a passion for what you do, it is truly never work”, says Janvieve-Naemani, flashing that infamous smile.

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